Summer time is a time to enjoy the sunshine with the company of your friends and family while usually enjoying some of those drinks and food that fall into the sometimes food list. Sound familiar? That’s okay!

Here are 5 tips to keep on top of your fitness goals safely in the heat.


  • Stay Hydrated – It is important not to wait until you are thirsty to drink water, especially in hot weather while you are exercising your body requires more water than usual to avoid dehydration.
  •  Beat the heat – When the sun is beating down and you are sweating up a storm, exercise can start to feel like a real chore. While staying fit is your goal, we need to be exercising safely. Try get your workout done early in the morning before the sun comes up or later in the evening once the sun has gone down.
  • Dress to impress – Exercise isn’t usually a fashion contest. However, there are a few handy clothing tips you should follow to give yourself the best chance of surviving the heat and achieving your fitness goals. First, ditch all of the black clothing. While it might be sliming, it also attracts heat. Secondly, ditch tight-fitting clothes in favour of looser, more breathable clothing. Not only will this help you achieve your fitness goals, but you ‘ll look great doing it!
  •  Take a cold shower – While it might seem strange to shower before a workout, a well-timed cold shower can lower your core temperature, skin temperature and heart rate, leaving you refreshed and ready to tackle that sweltering summer heat. In fact, studies have shown that taking a cold shower before exercising in the heat can improve the quality of your workout!
  • Shake up your workout – If you find the summer heat is draining your energy and making your regular workout routine impossible to complete, then don’t be discouraged, try something new! This might mean shaking up your fitness routine with shorter HIIT style workouts, or even Yoga or a nice refreshing swim!