A Welcome and a Fond Farewell

By February 28, 2014Spartans Gym News

Jaqui and Mel

Please join us in welcoming our new staff member Melanie to the Spartans Team!  We are sure by now, most of you would have seen her smiling face around the club.  Melanie has taken on the roll of reception manager so we’ll be seeing a lot more of her.  Please help Melanie feel welcome at the club and feel free to introduce yourselves!

On another note, today we will be saying a very big thank you and a fond farewell to team member Jaqui.  Jaqui will be leaving her current role to attend Uni and begin her career path as a P.E. teacher.  Please feel free to come and say goodbye and give her your well wishes.  Good luck with everything Jaqui, you’ll be missed!

Best wishes, the Spartans Team.