Class Of The Month- BOXING

Boxing training is extremely popular and has proven benefits for weight loss, muscular strength, coordination and power.  Boxing is a variety of skills and techniques it is a form of exercise that can be transferrable to a range of different sports. Sports including: Soccer, Rugby, Cricket, Swimming, Tennis and Dancing. All of these sports require a degree of physical excellence relating speed,   power, endurance and balance which boxing training can provide especially when time is limited.


Boxing for fitness requires no choreography which makes it easy to follow!


Benefits of Boxing:

  • Strength and endurance: low impact on joints but high intensity.
  • Cardiovascular improvements in less amount of time than a lot of other forms of training.
  • High energy expenditure in a short amount of time.
  • Adaptable to Aerobic and Anaerobic training.
  • Helps with self-confidence


Try out one of Spartans Boxing classes:

Monday 5.30pm with Cheryl

Tuesday 7:00 pm with Ray

Thursday 7:00 pm with Ray