CLASS OF THE MONTH- Cycle/Spin Class

Cycle is a class that involves pedalling on a stationary bike, using different varieties of speed, resistance and levels – with awesome music.

At Spartans, we offer 9 sessions of Cycle every week with each and every class is diverse and fun; ranging from 30-60 minute sessions, you will no doubt burn big calories due to the intensity of the session and not to mention the inspiring instructor!

Highlights Of Cycle:

  1. the Atmosphere: Rather than spending a long 60 minutes trying to get through your cardiovascular training and watching the clock every second – CYCLE will make you feel alive, pumped and full of energy, BUT the best part is …. You won’t even notice the time.
  2. Healthy Heart: Building up muscular endurance is one of the main benefits to spinning which not only assists in improving your heart health but also your lung capacity.
  3. Any Fitness Level: If you are a beginner or an expert, it does not matter because YOU get to set your own pace and resistance. Finding your comfort zone with the motivation of the instructor; you will be able to push yourself while still feeling in control.
  4. FUN: Most people do not realise that spinning can be one of the best ways to make you ’HAPPY’; with endorphins being released while you exercise and did we mention the atmosphere and music—you cannot go wrong!

We challenge you to participate in a spin class this September and if you like to bring a friend along with you their entry is on us! Just ask reception to get your FREE spin pass for your friend!


See our website timetable for class times at or download our App ‘Spartans Gym’