The Ultimate lower body workout, this class is designed to have your butt and legs looking toned and great with the inclusion of core exercises which will trim the tummy and get those abs working hard!

This is an all-round exercise class designed to tone up the mid-section and lower body muscles.

Featuring a mix of aerobics, step work, circuit training and resistance band exercises, no two classes are ever the same! With different intensity levels and exercise variations offered, you can choose your level too. Available in 30-minute or 60-minute format, your energetic instructor will support and guide you through the class, ensuring every fitness level is catered for.


THT/Booty Blast offers many benefits including:

Working specific muscle groups while using isolated and compound exercises will see results….FAST! Improving core strength provides strong support to lower back and posture Increase strength, tone, and flexibility are key aspects of fit and healthy body!

We challenge you to take a class for the month of March & you can bring a friend for FREE – just ask at reception to get your class pass.


Class Times:

Þ Monday 6am with Lana (Booty)

Þ Monday 6.30pm with Ash (THT)

Þ Tuesday 6.30am with Cheryl (THT)

Þ Thursday 6pm with Lana (Booty)


We challenge you to try a class in the month of February, you can also bring a friend for FREE – just ask at reception to get your class pass.