Please read the following terms and conditions before purchasing. There are no refunds on gift cards.  

  • New members only
    These cards can only be redeemed by people who have not been members at the gym before. This means current members cannot buy these for themselves or friends/family who are current/previous members. Those who have only been a casual or trial member are eligible to use these gift cards.
  • Gift cards are only valid for full priced PIF or DD memberships with a minimum term of 12 months or more
    Gift cards cannot be used on 3 or 6 month memberships A customer can sign up to a direct debit plus membership (12 month contract) and have the final $100 of their minimum contract term covered by the gift card.
  • Only one gift card can be applied to each membership
    A customer cannot apply multiple $100 gift cards to any one membership.
  • The gift cards cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion
    A customer with a gift card can only apply it towards a regular priced membership. Gift cards are not eligible for use with the current monthly promotion or any other promotion.
  • Cannot be used on products or casual passes
    Under no circumstances can the gift cards be used for purchasing products or casual passes.