Today we are celebrating a fantastic achievement by one of our valued members Travis Fry.  We would like to share the following letter written by Travis’ mother Lyn.

“My son Travis Fry, is disabled and has been attending Spartans Gym for the last 12 months.  Travis has thoroughly enjoyed his experience there and made enormous improvements in his fitness, and for this I would like to thank all concerned.

Travis is totally blind and attends the gym with a carer.  He has a weakness down one side of his body and as a result sometimes has difficulties with balance.  Since he has been attending Spartans he has been doing various exercises to improve the strength in his legs and arm.  This has worked so well that many people have noticed and commented on his improved mobility.

Travis works at Waverly Industries and for many years, the management there decreed that Travis should attend in a wheelchair as he was considered a falls risk.  Recently it was observed that Travis’s mobility had improved so much that it was decided that he no longer needed to use the wheelchair at work.  This has delighted all concerned and can be directly attributed to Travis’s work at the gym.

Travis works really hard at the gym.  He has a determined attitude and this is encouraged by his carer and the staff at the gym.

Please pass on my thanks and gratitude on to your staff and also those of Travis.”

We are all so happy to hear of Travis’ amazing success in both his training and how this has had a positive effect on his life outside of the club.  Travis has also recently informed us that he has been able to take a plane trip to Tasmania, which he had been told he was too unfit for previously.  We look forward to hearing further updates as time goes on!

Well done Travis, you’re commitment and determination is truly inspiring.  We hope that your story can help to inspire and motivate others also.  Thank you for sharing with us, we love to hear of our members great achievements.

Spartans Team.