Member Of The Month – Elise D’Amico

By September 5, 2019Member of the month

Elise D’Amico

Each month we recognize 1 member who has done something exceptional and reward them with a free 60-min Float from Melbourne Float House, special discounts in Spartans store for the month and a $20 voucher to Embers Grill & Burger.

Elise has been nominated for Member Of The Month for her noticed strength and courageous return to the gym after a tough battle with cancer.

Elise is a single mother of two and has always been a Zumba lover! A little over a year ago Elise noticed during Zumba that her hip started hurting but she pushed through the pain, a few weeks later she went to the doctors and was sadly diagnosed with cancer in her hip. Elise unfortunately was put in a wheel chair after her major hip surgery to remove the cancer and lost all her hair BUT this did not stop her! Elise was back to the gym as soon as she could be, participating in her much loved Zumba classes even though half the time she was grooving along in a chair.

Congratulations on your recovery Elise, you are a role model to many other Mum’s and gym goers!

We asked Elise a few questions and she said:

– When & why did you start training?

My friend Joc convinced me to start training, as a way to make ourselves a priority. I was newly separated with young kids and starting over, and training gave both of us time out from being mums and putting everyone’s needs before ours to catch up, release endorphins and feel strong!

– What made you join Spartans Gym?

The fact we could attend classes or casual sessions for $5 showed us that Spartans was different; it’s about encouraging anyone and everyone to be their best, not about making money. That culture really impressed me, and made me want to be a part of it.

– What are your future fitness goals?

To be able to get through a full Zumba class, and return to body pump and maybe even step class!

– What is your greatest fitness achievements so far?

I think coming back to the gym after such a long battle, and attending a Zumba class (even though I spent half the class grooving along in a chair). Having cancer and such major surgery has had a massive impact on my body, and how I relate to my body, and it’s been frustrating how slowly recovery has been. But I need to remind myself that at the start of the year I was bald and in a wheelchair, so even walking through the door was massive for me!


– What is your favourite exercise at Spartans Gym?

Low step and tone class is the best!!! It makes me grin like an idiot from start to finish, even when it hurts.


Great job Elise! – The Spartans Gym Team