Member of the month- Gabe McGeary

Every month we recognize one member who has done something exceptional and reward them with special discounts all month in the Spartans supp store and a 60 minute float from the Melbourne FLOAT HOUSE .

Gabe has been a member of Spartans gym for 6 months and even in this short time he has shown a huge amount of dedication to the gym! Gabe makes his way to the gym on his push bike almost every day, he has even been known to ride in the pouring rain!

Gabe is always a friendly face in the gym greeting all staff and other members with a smile and a hello.


We would like to congratulate Gabe on this nomination and we wish him all the best with his wrestling career!

What is your greatest fitness achievements so far?
At the moment, my greatest fitness achievement is that I have increased my overall strength through bench  presses, deadlifts and squats.


What are your future fitness goals?
My future fitness goals to lose the rest of the fat on me, as I am a wrestler but don’t look the part yet. I also want to increase my strength even further.


What do you love about Spartans?
I love how friendly not only the staff are, but the general community of Spartans.


What made you join Spartans?
Heard a lot of good things about Spartans from many different friends, so I gave it a go and haven’t stopped coming since.


What is your favourite exercise at Spartans?
It’s between Overhead Barbell Press and Leg Press.


Congratulations Gabe, keep up the hard work!