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Congratulations! Kari Sevald

Every month we recognize one member who has done something exceptional and reward them with special discounts all month in the Spartans supp store, a $20 Gift Voucher to Embers Grill & Burger and a 60 minute float from the Melbourne FLOAT HOUSE .

Watch for YOUR name here in a coming month!

Kari has been a dedicated early morning Spartans member for over 3 years & says:


  • What made you join Spartans? – I had heard a lot of good feedback about Spartans, I did a casual my first visit and loved the equipment and vibe straight away.


  • When and why did you start training? I started training around 15 years ago, starting with mostly running and cycle classes.  I started training to feel good about myself and get fit.


  • What is your greatest fitness achievements so far? My greatest fitness achievement so far would be stripping body fat and gaining some muscle, this was with the help of Mark and Sarah from leading edge fitness, Going on there program was the best thing I have done in terms of training and eating , my relationship with food has improved for the better, I am   eating more, doing less cardio and more weights and feeling stronger than ever, (thanks Mark and Sarah)


  • What are your future fitness goals? “Maybe” do a fitness competition – (MAYBE)


  • What do you love about Spartans? I couldn’t pin point one thing as there are so many, but a few would be…The atmosphere at Spartans – No matter what time of the day there is also such an awesome energy. The trainers – they are all very knowledgeable and friendly. The members  – they are all very inspiring, motivating and friendly.   Seeing members go through the journey of competing, watching them get amazing results is so inspiring to me.


What is your favourite exercise at Spartans? Deadlifts 😉


Congratulations Kari and enjoy your FREE float, meal voucher and special discounts!