Member Of The Month – Marjorie Pitt

By December 16, 2019Member of the month

– Marjorie Pitt

Each month we recognize 1 member who has done something exceptional and reward them with a free 60-min Float from Melbourne Float House, special discounts in Spartans store for the month and a $20 voucher to Embers Grill & Burger.
Watch this space for your name next month!

Marjorie has been nominated as our December Member of the Month for her dedication to Spartans over many, many years and for her amazing persistence through some testing times and health issues. Marjorie first joined Spartans Gym when she was 50 years old (now 75). She had never been to the gym before but decided to join because she thought she ‘better get fit so she didn’t turn out like her mother’. Marjorie says ‘My mother was 16 stone’. On her very first visit to the gym she met Antje Rogerson, who is still her still current Personal Trainer! Antje coached her through some general fitness to begin with and then got Marjorie to start cycling in competitions outside the gym with Bicycle Victoria.

At the age of 67 she had a reaction to a medication and lost all her memory, Marjorie could not even remember her own husband, this was quite a frightening time for her and her family. One thing she did remember was that she went to a gym, she kept saying this to her friends and family. Once she returned to Spartans, Antje patiently worked with Marjorie and re-taught her the exercises that she did every day. It took a full 6 months for her to regain full memory. 25 years on since Marjorie first joined the gym she is still training at least 1-2 times per week and sees her beautiful PT every 6-8 weeks for a check in.

  • What do you love about Spartans? Community
  • What is your greatest fitness achievements so far? Re-gaining memory and cycling.
  • What is your next health and fitness goal? Keep going to the gym.                                                  
  • Why would you recommend Spartans Gym? Great gym, friendly staff, good equipment and Antje!

    Great job Marjorie – The Spartans Gym Team