Every month we recognize one member who has done something exceptional and reward them with special discounts all month in the Spartans supp store and a 60 minute float from MELBOURNE FLOAT HOUSE .

Watch for YOUR name here in a coming month!

Member of the month- Shane Barton

Shane Barton has been a member of Spartans for 9 months and in that time he has already made a massive impact on the gym! Shane is always promoting Spartans through his social media accounts, bringing his friends along to the gym to try it out and always just being an all round nice guy to his fellow members and staff.

You will see Shane training in the gym almost every day!

With his hard work in the gym leading him to drop 11kgs in just 3 months and increasing his strength immensely he has developed a real passion for training and now hopes to make it in the fitness industry by becoming a Personal Trainer and educating the world with his YouTube channel.

Shane’s hard work and #spartanpride has not gone unnoticed.


Shane says:

What is your greatest fitness achievements so far?

Dropping, 11kgs in 3 months and hitting 130kgs on conventional deadlifts!

 What are your future fitness goals?

Become a full time sponsored athlete, run my own online coaching business and YouTube channel.

 What do you love about Spartans?

The staff, the facilities, the atmosphere and the overall layout of the gym.

What made you join Spartans?

Heard a lot of good things about Spartans from many different friends, so I gave it a go and haven’t stopped coming since.

What is your favourite exercise at Spartans?

It’s between Overhead Barbell Press and Leg Press.


Congratulations Shane, keep up the hard work!