SMOOTHIES – Are We Blending The Nutrition Away?

Does the convenience of blending food into smoothie form take away the nutritional value of our food?

Absolutely not! Smoothies are a fantastic and convenient way to pack in all your necessary macro and micro nutrients, vitamins and minerals into one easy liquid drink!

The key word here is convenience, pre-made smoothies are a perfect pre workout snack for the early morning gym goer, the perfect breakfast for the busy business person or even just the stay at home Mum who wants to improve their health and save time!

Here are some delicious pre workout and breakfast smoothie flavours:

Banana Dream –

Milk of your choice, Ice, Banana, Protein & Cinnamon

Berry Bliss –

Milk of your choice, Ice, Protein & Mixed berries

Mango Tango –

Milk of your choice, Ice, Protein, Mango

Strawberry Fields –

Milk of your choice, Ice, Protein, Strawberry

What about post workout convenience?

How many times have you finished your workout at the gym and realised you are late to pick up the kids, go to an appointment or you need to attend to that last minute errand and you have forgotten to bring a shake or post workout snack?

Don’t worry, Spartans has got you covered!

We think smoothie runs are just as good as coffee so that is why Spartans Café is blending up some delicious smoothies like our Berry Bliss, Banana Dream and Strawberry Fields just to name a few, or if you’re feeling fruity you can also make up your own!

We will commence blending on April 1st for an introductory offer of $5.00 per smoothie!