Spartans Summer Body 6 week transformation challenge free information night

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Spartans Warrior Zone 6 week Summer body Transformation weight loss


Spartans Summer Body 6 week transformation challenge information night

Do you want ‘your’ best body for SUMMER???? If you want to feel comfortable on the beach, at the pool or just in your own skin this Summer then this is the challenge for you.

We will go through all you need to know about the challenge in the info night including:

– Training
– Nutrition
– Supplements
– Recovery
– Prizes
– Previous Results
– Motivation

This is our last challenge for the year.
– limited spots for both the info night and the challenge….

Come to the free info night at 7pm on Wednesday 2nd October at Spartans Warrior Zone

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6 week summer body transformation challenge spartans gym kilsyth weight loss


Do you want to get in shape for Summer?

Are you not quite ready to bare your almost-all in a tank top, short-shorts, or bikini?

Even if you have no intention of showing more skin this summer, consider this program your wake-up call to recharge your motivation and rev up your results.

The most important date of the year…

The New Year, BEST You Transformation Challenge info night starts at 7pm on Wednesday 2nd October, 2019.

We only do this twice per year, don’t miss out!

This kind of transformational opportunity doesn’t come along often. Come to our info session held at Spartans Warrior Zone on Wednesday 2 October at 7pm and find out more about how our 6 week challenge can improve your fitness, strength, health and confidence.

Challenge manager and personal trainer Sarah has helped over 200 people transform their lives

“The six week Summer Body Transformation Challenge is a time-efficient way to help you increase your lean muscle while shedding fat,” says Sarah Conte, program manager.

“What’s great about our 6 week challenge, and part of the reason that we’ve been able to help over 200 people lose weight and feel great about themselves, is the fact that as part of this challenge we provide you with a full daily meal and nutrition plan, a supplement pack, an app, amazing training systems and trainers and daily support. “

Why this challenge is much more effective than other challenges

All of those things mentioned above, the meal plans, the supplements, the training sessions, the app and the diet advice, combine holistically to help you achieve results much faster than you would in any other challenge.

By cleaning up your diet with our meal plans and nutrition advice you can expect to see faster fat loss, along with increased muscle definition and strength gains.

It works because we help keep you accountable to make sure you succeed:

“We are so excited about this challenge,” says Sarah, “we have a special App for you to follow which will keep you accountable throughout the 6 weeks, the app makes a huge difference to your results.

“Our 6-week challenges have helped over 200 people achieve their fitness and weight loss goals.”

DO NOT MISS OUT.. Book your Summer Body in 6 Weeks Free seat here