Spring Clean Your Fitness Habits

Spring has sprung! Hi folks, I’m Antje and I have been in the health and fitness industry for 27 years.  I have competed in bodybuilding and figure achieving an Australasian title. Now my passion is hiking, undertaken several Kokoda trails, ABC, Everest basecamp and Kilimanjaro.

With spring upon us, lots of people take this opportunity to spring clean the house, it is also a good idea to “spring clean” your nutritional and exercise regime too. If you have been following a particular regime it may not be working for you anymore. Your body (like your mind) can become stale, completely used to it and no longer responds. For example, if you have just been doing resistance training, try some cardiovascular training (A fitness class like cycle, boxing, Zumba to just name a few) it could also help you with your recovery from resistance training. Also very important is to STRETCH. Yes … you read this right.

Stretching =flexibility and this enhances your general movement and may even prevent injuries. Elite athletes stretch all the time!

Last but not least your FOOD. Do a little cleanout, make some changes!

For example, cut alcohol or junk food down or out for a period of time, your body will appreciate it trust me!

So get to it- Spring has sprung, SPRING CLEAN your health and fitness habits today!


In good health,


Spartans PT, Antje Rogerson.