Type 2 Diabetes Exercise Classes At Spartans Gym


Spartans Gym is now offering a Diabetes Management program funded by Medicare for individuals with Type 2 Diabetes or at risk of becoming Type 2 Diabetic. Under the Medicare program, you can receive 8 fully rebated group exercise classes ran by our very own qualified exercise physiologist. In these classes you’ll be working alongside other diabetics and will be instructed through exercises with the focus on managing, reducing the severity of or even helping you to eliminate Type 2 Diabetes altogether!

If you or someone you know is diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, this friendly and welcoming class is a must!

What happens during a class?

During a 60-minute Type 2 Diabetes exercise session, you will be taken through carefully planned program or strength training, cardiovascular exercise, proper stretching and cool-downs. Each session we also have an educational discussion on various topics associated with living with Type 2 Diabetes. We make sure to nourish your body and mind.


What if I’m not fit enough?

Our group classes are structured in a way that ensures everyone can participate at their own fitness level. If you have not been exercising regularly for quite some time, you’ll will be eased into the program to ensure you gradually build your fitness level and most importantly, you enjoy it! Our expert exercise physiologist will be there to guide you every step of the way.


What are the benefits of these group sessions?

Research has shown that members of support groups, such as our Type 2 Diabetes exercise classes are more confident about their diabetes, less depressed and less stressed. This is because they:

  • have the knowledge to better manage their diabetes.
  • are working alongside and sharing experiences with others with Type 2 Diabetes
  • are now taking control of their health instead of letting it controlling them
  • are feeling great from the endorphines from exercising
  • making new friends in a fun and social atmosphere



When and where?

11am every Monday.

Classes are run at Spartans Gym, 255 Colchester Rd Kilsyth

The 8 group exercise sessions will have no more than 12 participants in the class. The class will have its own area, usually a private room where the classes will be conducted.


How to book?

Click here to complete an online inquiry or call us on 9761 5077.


To get covered under Medicare (type 2 diabetics only) please get your doctor to fill out this referral form.

Once receive a referral from your G.P., we will book in a initial Assessment with our Exercise Physiologist. They will conduct a simple screening to determine your readiness for a group program and provide you with information to get you started.