What is Strength Training?

By Spartans PT, Jesse White.


I had someone approach me the other day and ask me to tell him about strength training programming in 2 minutes, I chuckled. Why? Because first of all there are so many variables that even to consider five of them is at least a half hour discussion, not to mention periodization (undulating or lineal etc.), specific movements relative to the goal of the individual, sport related, injury management, the list goes on but you get my point.

So with so much information out there where do you start? In my own opinion based on years of scientific research and practice by so many coaches and exercise scientists, the very first place to start is ‘movement’. How can someone make a collection of muscle, bone and blood strong and move efficiently without any clue of the individuals’ biomechanics, physiological restrictions and weaknesses?

Which leads me to my next point, get assessed properly! After the assessment, your weaknesses and impingements will be realised by a competent trainer or coach. From this point, a program should be developed to strengthen the weak areas and increase mobility, range of motion and again I’m waffling but you get my point. Take Bodybuilding for example, symmetry is created by training certain groups relative to areas that are lacking.

If you have a giant chest and small shoulders, your coach would most likely introduce higher volume and frequency in your shoulder training regime. Well, the same goes for strength training, if your elbows wing out at the bottom of a bench press, we need to make the lats much stronger and implement some exercises that will directly carry over to that specific movement, not to mention a plethora of other contraindications that may be apparent in this situation.

To conclude my very base summary of what strength training is, make sure to always take everything you hear and read with a grain of salt, I implore you to question everything and everyone regarding training and do some research. Make sure the money you’re spending on programs, diets and training are appropriate, specific to you and sufficient.

“The fool knows everything and understands nothing, the wise man knows nothing and understands everything”
– Anonymous –