It’s the end of January already. Can you believe it?!

Over the past few days we have received a flood of emails with questions regarding the Spartans 6 Week Transformation Challenge. This is the seriously cRaZy deal where you get 6 weeks of training and accountability, a complete supplement package, nutrition guide (for dirt cheap) lose anywhere from 5-10+ kilograms of belly fat, and can win over $3,000 in prizes.

So to answer your questions…

    1. Is this program right for me? This program is for anyone who wants to make a serious change in their body in the next 6 weeks. We have created a fast and effective program that is customized to accommodate any fitness level from absolute beginner to season workout vet. Just for reference, challenge #1 saw the average person lose 4.3kg and 19cm in just 6 weeks, Now it’s your turn!
    2. How often can I come? For the best results possible, you need to come a minimum of 3 times per week. I do understand if that is not always possible but 3 has really proven to be the ‘magic number’ for maximum fat loss and metabolic elevation. The more the better though.
    3. What are the times? We have morning and evening sessions available. There’s a total of 16 sessions per week so there is guaranteed to be a time that suits!
    4. Is nutrition part of the program? OF COURSE! We cannot “out train” bad nutrition so the diet is a HUGE part of our success plan. It is a simple and straightforward program that has a ton of flexibility yet yields serious results. Don’t worry, you’ll be eating delicious meals, not bland rabbit food.
    5. What are the workouts like? I won’t lie– they are tough. But we also cater to almost EVERY fitness level. They include weigh training, body weight training, metabolic acceleration techniques and targeted cardio training. It’s hard to describe, but the results we get speak louder than words. Just know that you’ll never for forced to keep up with someone else or be held back. You’ll be challenged at YOUR level.
    6. Who can win? We designed this challenge so that ANYONE can win. Whether you have 3kg to lose or 30kg. You get points for attendance, losing weight, losing centimeters as well as increasing your fitness. So the short answer is: YOU CAN WIN!
    7. When does it start? The official kick off is Monday Feb 12th, but you must register for, and come along to the Transformation Challenge info night on Tuesday Feb 6th follow this link to book your seat.
    8. When do I need to book my seat by? That’s easy: Before all seats are gone. We’re well over half full already so follow this link to book your seat.

All you need to do to get on board is follow this link, REPLY to this email or call me personally at 9761 5077 before your spot is gone.

Take action NOW, before this opportunity passes you by.