Which Product Is Best For Me?

Which Product Is Best For Me?

When faced with a wall of products at your local supplement store it can be confusing to know just which is the best one for you. It can take hours to read the labels of every product in the store (if you have that much time), and even though the sales assistant does everything they can to help make your choice easier, sometimes it’s best to do a little research first to determine which type of product is best for you. To make product selection easier we’ve highlighted the benefits of each of our products and given a suggestion as to what type of person might use it. As you will see, the same product can be suited to a few different uses or types of activities. The bottom line is that whichever International Protein product you choose you can be sure you are getting a quality product without any gimmicky ingredients that don’t work.

Some of International Proteins most popular products are:


Amino charged WPI will greatly benefit everybody who trains and exercises, from the casual gym enthusiast, through to the elite level athlete, perfect for a post-workout supplement that is rapidly absorbed and digested to refuel and rebuild muscles.


Superior Whey is suited to high frequency users who are on a budget or just starting out or the elderly looking for improved nutrition. This high quality protein supplement is the most economical, providing value for money in every serve.



International Protein extreme carbs is a perfect blended supplement for endurance athletes to use as a pre workout       carbohydrate beverage, post work out and as additional energy during carbohydrate loading regimes. This supplement is also beneficial for strength especially for bodybuilding athletes to replenish muscle energy stores and boost the recovery of the   muscle building process. Team sports and individual athletes of all sports would be able to reap the benefits of extreme carbs.


Casein is the ultimate sports protein boasting natural nutritional attributes to help fuel workout energy and speed up post workout recovery packaged in a natural time release format that allows you to benefit while you sleep.


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