4 Secrets to staying motivated this Winter!

4 Secrets to staying motivated this Winter!

Is this weather making you feel unmotivated? Cos, same.

Lack of sun and dreary weather can lower your brains levels of serotonin – our “happy” hormone. Regular exercise encourages the release of endorphins and all those feel-good hormones that simply lift your mood! So really… getting your exercise in & moving your body is the BEST thing you can do during these colder months.

Here are our 4 secrets to staying motivated this winter!

Try a new class - Nothing gets your body temp rising like our group fitness classes. You won’t even know it’s 11 degrees outside with the way our instructors get your heart pumping!

Shout yourself a Spartans Coffee – Reward yourself with a hot cup of pure joy at the end of your session! Nothing warms you up like a hot beverage.

Burn calories and do NOTHING – jump into one of our saunas and watch the calories roll off you as you sit there and enjoy the heat.

Bring a mate along – get them out of their uggs & bring them to the gym. Our casual passes are $5 and if that doesn’t convince them then try retreating to secret 2… because not many people can say no to a coffee.”