⭐ MEMBER OF THE MONTH (December) - Bethany Taylor⭐

⭐ MEMBER OF THE MONTH (December) - Bethany Taylor⭐

Join us in applauding the incredible journey of Bethany Taylor, our December Member of the Month!

Since joining us in June 2023, Bethany has achieved monumental success on her fitness journey, and we couldn't be prouder of her dedication and hard work.

Bethany's journey has been nothing short of remarkable.

She's shed over 25 kilos, an incredible achievement that reflects her unwavering commitment to her health and well-being.

Bethany's fitness dedication extends to the gym, where she's completed a remarkable 128 visits and participated in 37 classes!!

Behind every great success story is often a great support system.

Bethany has had valuable guidance from our very own personal trainer, Jarrod from Evolve Performance Method.

Their collaborative efforts have undoubtedly contributed to her transformation.
Bethany's determination is truly admirable.

Most of her training sessions happen in the early hours before work, showcasing her dedication and discipline.

Bethany's transformation isn't just physical; it's a testament to her newfound confidence and positivity.

She radiates an inspiring energy that uplifts everyone around her.

Bethany, your journey is an inspiration to us all.

Keep reaching for the stars, and know that Spartans Gym is here to support your continued success.

Let's give Bethany a big round of applause for her remarkable achievements! :clap: